Tali Porter

Tali Porter


1981: Pre academic school, Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel.

1982-1989: Medical school, Ben-Gurion University,   M.D (with honor) -1991
Beer-Sheva, Israel.


Board Certified in Internal medicine (Israel, 20.8.95)

Board Certified in Cardiology (Israel, 7.2.99)

Title of Doctoral Dissertation:

Chronic Acute Active Hepatitis Following Drug Ingestion – Review of Literature.

 Name of Supervisors:

Prof. A. Keinan,   Beer-Sheva University.


1993-1994: School of Continuing Medical Education,1995 Tel- Aviv University

1996-1997:School of Continuing Medical Education 1998

Tel – Aviv University.


Period Name of institution (city, country) Department Rank / function
1983-1989 Faculty of Medicine Gen-Gurion University, Israel Research Assistance, student trainer
1990-1991 Rabin medical center, Israel Internship MD
1991-1995 Rabin medical center, Israel Internal ward “D” Residency in internal medicine
1994-1996 Faculty of Medicine Tel-Aviv university, Israel Lectures in internal medicine
1996 ECHO-lab of Duke University, North Carolina, USA ECHO Training in Stress ECHO
1995-1998 Rabin medical center, Israel Cardiology Residency in cardiology
2003 Faculty of medicine Tel-Aviv

University, Israel

Cardiology Degree of Lecturer
2005-current Rabin Medical Center, Israel ICCU Head of the Intermediate- Intensive –Care Unit
2009-2001 Society of Gender Medicine In charge of cardiology  section, giving   lectures in  the field  , organizing national  and international meetings
2013-  current Specialty in  women’s cardiology ( short  fellow in  LA-Cedar Sinai



Head of women’s heart  center Rabin  Medical  Center


  2. Chief tutor of cardiology clerkship for Israeli student 6th year (2004, 2005)
  3. Participating as general tutor in cardiology clerkships of both Israeli and New-York program students – 4th year (2000-2008)
  4. Director of pre-clinical cardiology course in the New- York program of Tel Aviv University(till 2008)
  5. Director of cardiology program for first year students participating at the New York program- Tel Aviv University (2005)
  6. Lectures in pre- clinical cardiology course for third year Israeli medical school students (2004, 2005, 2—7,2008)
  7. Lectures in post graduate school –cardiology residents (2004, 2006, 2008)
  8. Lectures for nurses- intensive care course- school of nursing
  9. Lectures in post graduate school- geriatrics residents
  10. Lectures in post graduate school- internal medicine residens
  11. 10. Testing in internal medicine final sixth year examinations (2006-2008)
  12. Tutor of 6’th year medical school students 2008-2011
  13. Tutor of 4’th year medical school students 2008-2011
  14. Tutor of New York program for medical school students 2008-2011
  15. Lectures in cardiology for 4’th / 6’th year students at the university 2008-2011
  16. Lectures for Post graduates in internal medicine and Family medicine – university 2009- 2011
  17. Lectures for medical students participating in the 4-year program –university 2010-2011
  18. Participating in the program of residents in cardiology- Keisaria program 2009-2011
  19. Lectures for 6’th year student in gender-based cardiology 2010-2011


Year Name of Student Title of Project Name of Hospital
1999-2000 Lev Shleizerman The Incident of Mitral Regurgitation in Patients with Acute Anterior MI Rabin Medical Center
2004 Hadads kandalker Left ventricular mural thrombus after anterior ST- segment acute myocardial infarction- in the era of aggressive reperfusion treatment Rabin Medical Center
2005 Leeor Shachar Short-Term Triple Therapy With Aspirin, Warfarin and a Thienopyridine Among Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention


Rabin Medical Center
2010 Shanie Mostov Prognosis of heart failure patients undergoing implantation of biventricular pacemaker therapy with or without a defibrillator


Rabin Medical Center


Publication:  2008- 2013

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The importance of preventive medicine in women’s health

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